Royal Rangers

Our Mentoring MISSION

Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for future men. We provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Mentoring Future Men

We are prepared to take Royal Rangers to a whole new generation of future men, to the iPod generation. The iPod has three characteristics important to its users. These same qualities are reflected in Royal Rangers.


Mechanically, every iPod is the same. It is a robust electronic device designed to deliver high quality music. Royal Rangers is likewise a robust mentoring ministry that shapes future men into godly husbands and fathers and excellent servant leaders in every sphere of life. Royal Rangers is a tool that men and boys, serving together, can use to evangelize their world, equip the next generation of Christlike men, and empower them to become lifelong servant leaders.

Flexible & Effective

Functionally, each iPod is unique, reflecting the user’s choices and preferences in music and media. Royal Rangers is also highly flexible and agile, enabling each outpost to implement our effective discipleship process while reflecting the preferences and practices of its local church leaders to best impact the families in its communities.

Meetings. Royal Rangers meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

Royal Rangers Uniforms

Uniforms play an important role in Royal Rangers and serve as one of the primary methods we employ to accomplish the objectives of our program. Royal Rangers uses uniforms as a method to:

  • Create a sense of identity and belonging for boys
  • Instill a sense of responsibility and self-discipline
  • Establish a degree of social equality within the outpost
  • Provide boys a way to display their achievements
Royal Rangers groups have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of different options when selecting a uniform. This flexibility enables the group to select a uniform that best suits the unique needs and interests of their group. The meeting or event at which they are worn determines the level of formality. If your outpost has just started or if your boys’ economic condition is such that the uniform is a hardship, work to get your boys uniformed in stages. Start by getting the boys in the less expensive, special uniform, such as Royal Rangers T-shirt and blue jeans. Then if your outpost chooses to use them, move forward to the utility uniform, and even the dress uniform for special occasions.
Every adult leader, boy, and young man is encouraged to wear the Royal Rangers uniform. The national Royal Rangers ministry empowers the local outpost to select the uniform option that best reflects the culture and personality of their church and community, and enables them to attract the greatest number of members. We encourage every church to measure the value of the utility uniform shirt with blue jeans and/or optional Ranger Tac pants. Whichever uniform is chosen by the outpost, it will be recognized at all local, district, and national events. (Note: Leaders choosing to serve on staff or as instructors will wear the prescribed uniform(s) of each event.)

The Formal Uniform

Traditionally referred to as the dress blazer or “dress blues”, this uniform is typically utilized by organizational leaders when presenting the program to church or business leaders or attending non-Royal Rangers events where a more formal appearance is in order.

The formal uniform consists of the following components:

Ladies wear no necktie and may wear natural colored hosiery.

SPECIAL NOTE:  No awards or insignia are worn on the Formal Uniform.  Awards and insignia are ONLY worn on Dress and Utility uniforms, or on the awards vest.